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Young Toddlers, 12–18 months by September 1

The Sunshine room has eight children with two full-time primary caregivers and one part-day assistant. In a warm and nurturing environment, our one-year-olds are cared for attentively, responsively and with respect for individual temperaments and needs. Communication between families and WECP staff is an essential component of the Sunshine Room, and includes newsletters and daily schedules, individual daily logs of eating, sleeping, diapering and play activities, and informal notes back and forth. Teachers have a consistent daily routine, one which is both flexible to individual rhythms and needs and is predictable. Just as families provide a balance between the needs of the whole family and its individual members, the Sunshine staff attend to care-give needs (eating, sleeping and diapering), as well as provide stimulating play. Flexible scheduling within the classroom allows the Sunshine children to transition from one activity to another at their own individual pace.

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Last modified on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012