Waisman Center–WECP

Stars & Moonbeams

Preschoolers ( approximately 34 - 40 months )

Each of our preschool classrooms has 14 to 15 children with at least two full-time teachers and an assistant teacher. As with all of our classrooms, there is an emphasis on children learning through play, choosing activities from an array of planned experiences, and self-selection of activities that are always available (e.g., blocks, art, books and puzzles).

Children in the Star and Moonbeam rooms are moving away from the toddler years and entering a period of development in which they are learning to apply their newly developing skills in managing their emotions and behavior, communicating effectively, and thinking and problem solving in a more complex social setting.  As the year progresses, there is more work on long-term projects and ways to represent their work through art and literacy activities.  Number skills are moving beyond rote counting to understanding what numbers represent, and science experiences emphasize asking questions, making observations and predicting outcomes.

Objectives in the Star and Moonbeam rooms are to:

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