Waisman Center–WECP


Our staff represent a number of related disciplines in which they are licensed or certified: early childhood education, special education, child development, and school psychology. Drawing from their understanding of children's development and early learning, teachers use a variety of techniques that allow for individualized attention within the context of group activities. One of our beliefs is that development can be facilitated best by giving children a variety of opportunities to actively explore, manipulate, question and discover. Working in teams of two or three per classroom, our teachers create experiences in which children learn and have fun.

In addition to our teachers, a speech/language therapist and an occupational therapist are members of our staff. They may provide screening assessment or work with individual children on a fee-for-service basis (i.e., their services are paid for through insurance funds or other payment arrangements). They also provide valuable assistance to staff and parents about development in their areas of expertise.

Last modified on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012