Waisman Center–WECP

Our Philosophy

The Waisman Early Childhood Program provides a supportive and enriching environment that fosters each child's social-emotional, cognitive, language and physical development. Our underlying philosophy is that children learn through play, and our goal is to provide many kinds of play experiences, supporting each child's progress at his or her own pace. Based on the assumption that all children have strengths, we promote the positive accomplishments each child makes.

The WECP offers a balance between those nurturing aspects of a home environment and the challenging social and learning opportunities provided in a group early childhood setting. During a typical day in the preschool rooms, children participate in a variety of activities: self‐directed play, dramatic play, stories, music, art, and science. Experiences with mathematical and literacy concepts are woven within these activities. We also offer special activities such as field trips and performances (music, drama, art), summer gardening projects, and our annual Science Fair and Friendship Olympics.

We believe it is important for children attending our program to feel a part of a consistent "community." For that reason, children remain in their classrooms for at least one complete academic year. Children change classrooms in the beginning of our summer or academic year program, and when they do move to different classrooms, groups of friends move together.

Last modified on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012