Waisman Center–WECP

Family Involvement

Parents and Teachers in Partnership

Families are welcome to visit and participate in classroom programs whenever they would like. In addition to drop-off and pick-up conversations, we have several ways that we keep in touch with families. These include daily notes home (for the younger classrooms), e-mail, classroom newsletters, home-school notebooks for some children, family conferences in the fall and spring, an Open House in September and our End-of-the-Year Picnic in June, Family Fun Days, and individual classroom pot-luck breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

We encourage family participation and/or involvement in ways that are possible and meaningful to each family. This may take various forms: volunteering in the classroom, planning and implementing a continuing classroom project or learning experience, or participating in planned classroom social events.

WECP also has a PTO that holds regularly scheduled meetings and sponsors some of the events listed above, as well as others in support of our staff. These include a Staff Appreciation Lunch and various fund raising events for special programs (e.g., Music & Movement for the children, continuing education for teachers) or for special purchases (e.g., outdoor play equipment). In addition, the PTO facilitates discussions about topics of interest to WECP families, for example, transitioning to kindergarten, sleep and eating issues, or how we include children with special needs.

Last modified on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013