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The Cloud Room is home to 12 toddlers (age 2 by September 1), two teachers and a classroom assistant.  The goals for the Cloud children include:

To work towards these goals, teachers set the stage for learning and discovery by creating a warm and accepting environment, and by providing materials and activities that encourage each child’s growing curiosity and independence. Teachers also facilitate and guide the learning process by observing and incorporating both the interests and needs of the individual children, as well as those of the group.  Families are an integral part of the Cloud room, and the Cloud teachers exchange information daily with parents and strive to make the transition between home and WECP as smooth as possible.

Respecting the unique qualities of toddlers is an important component of the Cloud Room, and we support their growing sense of self by offering choices, providing enough materials, listening to and encouraging their emerging communication skills, modeling positive interactions with peers, and applauding their increasing independence and feeling of competence.

Days in the Cloud Room are predictable and typically include free play, short circle times, outdoor and gym times, art and sensory experiences (water table, play dough), music, books and puzzles, blocks, and lots of hugs.

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Last modified on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012