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Four Year Old Kindergarten Program (4K)

FourYearOld Kindergarten Program (4K)
WECP has a contract with the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) to provide a 4K program; children who are 4-years-old by September 1 are eligible. (If space allows, children who miss the September cut-off date may be placed in a 4K classroom.) Priority in enrollment is given to families who register for 4K in the MMSD and who are currently enrolled in WECP. 
Enrollment in WECP 4K follows this process: 

  1. Apply to WECP for one of three Monday through Friday attendance options:  7:30-12:30, 7:30-3:30, or 7:30-5:30.
  2. You will be notified by April 1 (if not sooner), if a spot is available.  If so, you will be sent the appropriate enrollment forms.  The WECP enrollment period takes place during the months of January through March, although this may be extended if space is available.  Children who are re-enrolling have priority, followed by those on our waiting list.
  3. Families must register their child with the MMSD for 4K beginning in early February, and complete the appropriate registration forms.  Part of the MMSD 4K registration process is bringing a completed registration form downloaded from the website and your child’s birth certificate.  When you do that, you may indicate that your choice of locations for 4K is WECP.

Each WECP 4K classroom is staffed by three full-time teachers, at least two of whom are licensed, who work with a group of 15 – 18 children. Following our developmental and play-based philosophy, learning centers in the classroom integrate math, literacy, science, social studies and the arts.  Children experience a wide array of experiences, with teachers guiding them in their discovery and learning of many concepts, as well as in developing classroom skills that help to prepare them for kindergarten. 

Our 4K program is based on evidence that academic skills can best be learned when children’s emotional and social development is well-grounded.  Throughout all activities—and many times as the focus of activities—children are encouraged to:

While concept learning is important, information rapidly changes.  Being able to communicate and interact with others productively, being motivated to do one’s best, and feeling competent and proud of one’s accomplishments, are the factors likely to sustain children throughout their education.
The WECP curriculum, Changing, Learning, Growing, has been aligned with the Wisconsin Early Learning Standards, which is used by the MMSD.  Like parents in public school-based 4K programs, WECP parents receive the same Progress Report for their child and participate in two parent-teacher conferences.  However, WECP teachers also prepare individual portfolios for children that document progress in each area of development, and with parents, identify “next steps” for their child.

The following sample schedule illustrates a typical full-day program:

Our 4K program takes place throughout the day.  More information about application, enrollment and registration is available by calling the WECP office or Program Director.

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