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Valued Roles

Shared Activities

Often, individuals with disabilities are seen as people who need help, people who need others and takers. It is important to challenge that idea and start to understand and see people with disabilities as contributors, members, leaders and supervisors. It is important that we are all given the opportunity to have a valued role in an activity and in life and see that we all have something of value to offer.

New Video

You can watch a video of youth holding a variety of Valued Roles in the video below.

To view video with closed captions, press the closed caption icon on the video above.

Youth and adults may differ on their opinion of what is a valued role. Come up with roles that are important for your activity and write them down on cards. Then, try this activity: The Coolness Lineup (PDF).
Here are some examples of roles:

Then, debrief: Valued Roles

Valued Roles