Southern Regional Team

The Southern Regional Team for Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities, including self-advocates and parents, will work together to identify resources that are available to parents, self-advocates, educators, health care providers, service providers and community members. We will try to make those resources accessible and easy to use by all members of our society. We will collaborate among ourselves to improve our region.

The Southern Regional Team includes 32 active members. Members bring to the table experience working with the following agencies and initiatives:

  • Autism Society of Greater Madison
  • Birth to Three, Bridges for Families
  • Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Southern Regional Center
  • CESA 2, CESA 3
  • Collaborating Partners
  • Community Ties
  • Dane County Health and Human Services
  • Dodge County Human Services
  • Head Start
  • Imagine a Child's Capacity
  • Integrated Development Services
  • Madison Psychology Associates
  • Madison School and Community Recreation
  • Richland County Health and Human Services
  • UW‐Waisman Center
  • Verona Area High School
  • Wisconsin Early Autism Project