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Please contact any of us with your questions and concerns about computing services here at the Waisman Center. For the best service, please send a message with a descriptive subject to help@waisman.wisc.edu that describes your problem. Include any error message that may be useful. A ticket will then be opened in our automated request tracking system and the best person to handle the problem will respond.

Carl Carl Karcher:
Room 227, Phone: 263-5896, E-mail: Karcher@Waisman.Wisc.Edu
Network/server/SAN administration, infrastructure management, network services, data storage, security
Douglas Douglas Swiggum:
Room 241, Phone: 263-3467, E-mail: Swiggum@Waisman.Wisc.Edu
System administration, help services management, network services, data storage, client configuration, security


Nik Nikhil Jain:
Room 216, Phone: 263-3117, E-mail: Jain@Waisman.Wisc.Edu
General help, hardware and software installation, web and e-mail issues

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