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Waisman Computing Services (WCS) exist to support the various missions of the Waisman Center and the faculty, staff and students that carry them out. These services include helpdesk, e-mail, data storage, security, internet access and web publishing, computer purchases, installation, repair and consulting in all areas of information technology. The costs of these services are recovered according to the following rate schedule, of which many fees are subsidized.
Effective September 1, 2011 following changes were made to the subsides:

The first workstation connection for all Waisman PIs remains fully subsidized. Additional connections funded from NIH/NSF core grant projects that are administered at Waisman currently receive a 45% subsidy. This rate supersedes the rate in the wcs-rates-20090930.htm document referenced below.

Effective October 1, 2009 the following changes were made to the rates:

For complete information of the changes along with updated service descriptions please refer to: wcs-rates-20090930.htm. Questions about rates? Please contact Carl Karcher (3-5896).

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