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PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway A commercial anti-spam product is available for Waisman email users. It is called PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway from Process Software or simply PreciseMail.

Before using this anti-spam filter, you need to be aware of what it does. Therefore, it is not enabled for your Waisman e-mail unless you specifically opt-in to use it. Please be aware of these five points:

You can of course instruct PreciseMail that a message it has flagged as spam is really not spam and you wish to have future messages from this sender not treated as spam. Eventually, you will have a list of senders who's messages should not be flagged as spam and the number of false positives will be very low. False positives are typically newsletters or other messages from organizations (vendors, groups, etc.) you receive on a periodic basis that contain a links to web pages or marketing terms.

We already have a list of senders that will not be checked for spam because we know email from them is of general interest to many people at the center. These include email from any campus mail system, The State of Wisconsin, Community of Science and popular vendors (Dell, Orbitz and most major airlines). You can suggest additional senders be added to this center wide list of allowed senders when using PreciseMail.

Please keep in mind that the sender's From: address has absolutely nothing to do with where the message actually originates from. Spammer's take advantage of this to make you think a message came from someone on campus. This also means that mail from a sender with a campus address doesn't always mean it came from a campus email system if the sender has chosen to use an outside email provider such as yahoo or gmail. Such messages will be checked for spam an could end up in your quarantine.

Those are the basics. You really should know a bit about how it works before you opt-in to use it. Each person has a "quarantine" where messages that are likely to be spam will be kept for 28 days. This means when a message is received that gets flagged as spam, you won't receive it as an e-mail - it will be in the quarantine for 28 days instead. You have 28 days to view and/or release it from the quarantine or it gets discarded. So you will need to view the messages in the quarantine to see if there are any you really want - false positives. When first starting to use PreciseMail, you'll want to look in the quarantine often to make a message you really wanted wasn't marked as spam. After you tell PreciseMail a quarantined message is not really spam, it won't bother to check future messages from that sender. Soon, you will have a good list of allowed senders and won't need to check the quarantine at all except when you don't receive a message you were expecting.

How to use it

PreciseMail has an easy to use web interface for:

To use the web interface you need to enter your Waisman username and password to login. After you enter a valid username and password to login, the start page appears with a list of choices. One of these is Set Your Preferences. You follow (click on) this link to opt-in. After you set opt-in you need to click the Update Basic Preferences button to save the setting. After the setting is saved, future e-mail to you will then be checked for spam by PreciseMail. To verify this, watch for additional headers that begin with X-PMAS on new e-mail messages.

To try the web interface and/or opt-in, visit:      https://www.waisman.wisc.edu/pmas/

If you have other e-mail addresses forwarded to your waisman address (a @wisc.edu address for example) you can request an alias for the other addresses so you will receive a single spam report for all your e-mail. Contact Carl Karcher to request an alias for other addresses you might have that are forwarded to your waisman address.

How it works

Remember, if you notice mail getting quarantined from a sender that may be of interest to others (research journals for example), you can use the web interface to send to administrator to have future messages from the same sender be considered for inclusion in a center wide list of allowed senders.

The User's Guide for the product can be viewed from the vendor's web site at:

For questions or problems with the PreciseMail service please contact Carl Karcher

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