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FAQ 801Updates to the Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser on Waisman PC's is now updated to version 8. You may be wondering about the new look and feel.
What happened to the Menu Bar?
The new look of Firefox simplifies the controls at the top of the screen. There are, however, some operations that can only be done from the menus. To restore the menu bar, click the orange [Firefox] button, hover over Options, and then select Menu Bar.

You can also temporarily get the Menu Bar by pressing the [Alt] key.
Where have all the Bookmarks gone?
Without the Menu Bar visible, you may be wondering where to find your bookmarks. There is a new button on the right side of the window that will produce a pop-up listing of your bookmarks.
Checking Your Add-ons
This version of Firefox wants to make sure your add-ons or extensions are legitimate. It also will perform better if you disable add-ons you never use.

This check will occur the first time you use Firefox version 8.
Select Your Add-ons
We have installed some add-ons for general use, but Firefox wants to make sure you opt-in to their use.

IE Tab is of general use to people who use websites that only work well with Internet Explorer. We recommend you keep it. You can always change your mind later.
Controlling your Add-ons
If you wish to disable, enable or add an extension at a later time, you can click the [Firefox] button and select Add-ons, or press [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[A], and select the Extensions category.
Selecting Add-ons for New Users
New users will also be asked to choose which add-ons or extensions should be installed, but the look is a little different. Each add-on will appear in a different tab. Check the Allow this installation box and hit [Continue] for each add-on you want installed.
Restart Firefox
After selecting all the add-ons you want installed click the [Restart Firefox] button. Firefox will restart with the selected add-ons installed. Tabs with any unchecked add-ons will open again. Simply close these tabs and remember you can always make changes later by controlling your add-ons.
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