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FAQ 797Requesting A Waisman Computing Account

All new employees need a Waisman Computing Account to log into the computers here at the Waisman Center. A new user can be added in on of two ways:

1. A new user can request and account and the lab manager approves the request. See the second to last section.


2. A lab manager can add the user directly. See the last section.

But first, consider the following questions...
Which E-Mail Address is preferred?
Waisman computers are automatically pre-configured to use an account with either a Username@Waisman.Wisc.Edu e-mail address or a NetID@Wisc.Edu address.

A DoIT NetID is required in order to request a Waisman Computing account. New employees that have already been issued a UW ID card can activate their NetID here. HR can request early activation of a NetID as part of the hiring process.

Waisman accounts are recommended for full-time employees and are managed locally. However, if the new employee wishes to use their WiscMail account, we can set up forwarding for this purpose.

Other external accounts can also be used, but the new user will need to configure Waisman e-mail forwarding and Thunderbird accounts for themselves.
What Network Shared Drives are needed?
These are also known as "Project Drives". We require the share-name for each shared drive that should be connected, which can be selected from a list. Also, if you are not the new account-holder's supervisor, please make sure the supervisor has approved this new employee to have access to the shared drive, and that adequate training is planned to protect data or shared resources.

As of Aug, 2014 we no longer use drive letters for shared network drives for new users. All drives you are authorized for are automatically connected. They are identified by name only and and appear as yellow folders located under "Computer: xxxx" where xxxx is your computer name. Click the image to the left for a screenshot of where the M drive and project drives will appear in Windows file explorer. Everyone continues to have their personal "home" drive mapped to drive M:.
The new user makes a request and the lab manager approves
The new user visits:


authenticates with their netid to make a request with the Waisman work unit (assigned by HR) and network drives needed. The person delegated to managed the work unit of lab will then get an email with instructions from that person asking to approve the request by visiting the same URL.

Lab manager can add the user directly
A person delegated by the PI or Program Head can add users directly to their work unit (typically a lab) in one step without any request/approval process.. Visit this same URL:


They will be asked to authenticate with their netid, verify themselves by entering their waisman password, click verify. New users can be added directly using the "Add Users" tab. Select the network drives needed, enter the first 4 characters of the last name and find the netid in the select box. To add another user, delete the characters from the lastname (using the delete key and make sure the character count as at 0) and enter the first 4 characters of another lastname. The user is then added and an email is send to them with the temporary password they must change during the first logon.
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