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FAQ 6300Voice-Mail

Many of us have voice-mail associated with our office phone, which is provided by the Voice Services group of DoIT.
Handy Wallet Card
Here is a handy little wallet card that you can reference.

Either enlarge the picture on the left, or download the .PDF and print yourself a copy.
Quick Reference Guide
There is also a Quick Reference Guide that you can download and print which explains the features of the system in more detail. Not all features may be available on your phone line, but all UW voice-mail boxes contain the FAX feature.

Octel system number: (608) 263-6300, or just 3-6300 from your office phone.
FAX instructions
You can use your office phone as your FAX number!

If someone wishes to send you a fax, have them call your office phone from the fax machine. When the call comes in, let it go to voice-mail or transfer the call there. When they hear your greeting, they can push their send key, and your voice-mail will capture the fax.

If you have Enabled Voice-Mail set up, the fax will be delivered as an attachment in an e-mail message to you!
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