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FAQ 527Thunderbird configuration for a Waisman e-mail account

The Thunderbird e-mail client is automatically configured for people within the Waisman Center to access Waisman e-mail or a WiscMail account.

If you are using Thunderbird from somewhere other than the Waisman network (e.g. from your home computer or from somewhere else on campus), these instructions will guide you in setting up an account within Thunderbird to access your Waisman e-mail.
Tools / Account Settings...
To configure an account within Thunderbird, select Account Settings... from the Tools menu.

You will need to press the [Add Account...] button at this point if you wish to access more than one e-mail account.
Account Wizard - New Account Setup
If you are adding an account, make sure that Email account is selected, then click [Next >] to create the account.
Account Wizard - Identity
...continuing in the Wizard, enter Your Name and your Email Address before clicking [Next >]
Account Wizard - Server Information
Choose an IMAP server for incoming mail, and specify it as

Account Wizard - User Names
Enter only the username portion of your e-mail address, and for this item, our server requires it to be all lower-case.
Account Wizard - Account Name
We recommend using a simple nickname for your account, like

Waisman e-mail
Account Wizard - Congratulations!
You will be presented with a confirmation screen before the account is created.
Account Settings - <Waisman e-mail>
Enter your name, email address, and organization.
Server Settings
Server Type: IMAP Mail Server
Server Name: IMAP.Waisman.Wisc.Edu
Port: 144
User Name: your Waisman domain username
Connection Security: StartTLS
authentication method: Normal Password
Check for new messages at startup: yes
Check for new messages every  10  minutes: yes
When I delete a message: Move it to the Trash folder
Clean up ("Expunge") Inbox on Exit: yes
Empty Trash on Exit: yes
Copies & Folders
Place a copy in: "Sent" Folder on: Waisman e-mail

Drafts and Templates
Keep message drafts in: "Drafts" Folder on: Waisman e-mail
Keep message templates in: "Templates" Folder on: Waisman e-mail
Composition & Addressing
This screen allows you to choose if you want your reply above the quoted message or below.

Users at home are encouraged to disable the option "Compose messages in HTML format." HTML messages pose an increasingly significant security risk for the recipient. Unless your message requires it, you should use the plain-text format. See FAQ 1889.
Offline & Disk Space
If you are using a laptop and are frequently without internet connectivity, you may want to select "Make the messages in my Inbox available when I am working offline." This is not recommended for computers with "always-on" internet access.
Junk Settings
Junk Settings
Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account: no

We do not recommend using Thunderbird's junk mail controls for a Waisman e-mail account. Rather, our recommendation is to filter junk mail on the mail server itself before it ever gets to your Inbox.

Please see our PMAS page for more information about PreciseMail Anti-Spam.
Return Receipts
Return Receipts
Use my global return receipt preferences for this account.
Digital Signatures offer solid proof of message and sender authenticity. If you require this technology, please contact Douglas Swiggum for more information.
Local Folders
Local Folders
This is a built in account that cannot be removed. Be wary of utilizing local folders, as any message you move there will not be available on any other computer.

You may choose to use this if you are accessing additional (non-Waisman) e-mail accounts which use POP instead of IMAP.
Local Folders - Disk Space
Local Folders - Disk Space
Don't delete any messages
Local Folders - Junk Settings
Local Folders - Junk Settings
If you add other e-mail accounts that deposit messages in your Local Folders, you may wish to make use of Thunderbird's junk mail controls. If your ISP provides server-side spam filtering, that is usually a better option.
SMTP Settings
Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings
Description: Waisman SMTP
Server Name: SMTP.Waisman.Wisc.Edu
Port: 25
User Name: your Waisman domain username
Secure Connection: TLS (if available)
SMTP Settings
SMTP Server
If you should need to [Edit...] the Waisman SMTP Server Settings (shown above), these are the specifications:

Description: Waisman SMTP
Server Name: SMTP.Waisman.Wisc.Edu
Port: 25
Use name and password: yes
User Name: your Waisman domain username
Use secure connection: TLS, if available
Want to use your ISP?
If you also use your Internet Service Provider's email account, you may want to use their Outgoing Email Server (SMTP). Here are a few common ISP's, and their server information.

ISPSMTP server

Is your ISP not on the list?
Related Resources
If you wish to get the latest version of Thunderbird, you can find it here.

Please note: If you have administrative access to a Waisman domain PC, do not update or install Thunderbird. Waisman Computing Services staff should be consulted so as to maintain the auto-configuration of e-mail for all Waisman employees who use your computer.

If you wish to set up Thunderbird to access your WiscMail, DoIT has prepared the following document: Configuring Thunderbird for WiscMail
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