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FAQ 3222So, you want to install SKYPE?

What is SKYPE?
is a VoIP (Voice over IP) program, which just means making telephone calls over a computer network. Calls from one Skype user to another are free, wherever they are in the world. You make calls using usernames rather than traditional phone numbers, and an instant-messaging client (for text chatting) is included; as well as video capeabilities.

To use Skype you need a PC running Windows, Mac OS X, or a Linux operating system. You also need an Internet connection, a headset or equivalent, and the Skype software. As far as using the video capability, you will need a reasonably fast computer (2.4GHz plus). Check with Computing Services to determine if your system will be adequate for all the features available. An administrator must install the software for you according to our security standards. If you need equipment or installation contact us at the HELP DESK at 608-890-1000 or
Security Standards
Skype keeps you protected from unwanted communications. Just open Skype>Privacy>Privacy Settings, and set your preferences for receiving communications as shown in the image. We recommend you do not authorise people you do not know and do not want to talk to.
Please go to Skype>Privacy>General and make sure that "Start SKYPE when I start Windows"is UNCHECKED as in the image above.

Also, when you are finished using SKYPE you must sign out. Go to bottom corner of your PC screen, RIGHT CLICK on the green cloud with the check mark in it, and choose QUIT. Not signing out will permit skype to route other caller's traffic through your computer (and our network).

We are allowing SKYPE to be installed even though we have some concerns over network security and the bandwidth requirements for this type of communication software. Please adhere to these security standards and we can continue to offer this to the Waisman Center. If we discover further issues with security, or find that users are not following our directions, we will have to discontinue SKYPE usage here at the Waisman Center.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the HELP desk at 0-1000 or at

Thank you
Waisman Computing Staff
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