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FAQ 314Firefox Upgrade

Waisman computers are getting a new version of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Here are some things you might see after your computer has been updated.
Ignore the unsafe plugin message
Initial Message about an Unsafe Plugin
You will see this message the first time you start Firefox after the upgrade. It can be ignored because the Add-on in question is never used by anything. You can simply close the tab and continue browsing.
Pre-installed Waisman Add-ons
Some Users may see this Dialog
If you see this message about keeping your add-ons, it is preferable to check both boxes, and click [Next]. The add-ons are installed on all Waisman PCs, and can be useful.
Changes to the Menu Bar and Title Bar
CHANGE: Menu Bar and Title Bar
With this version of Firefox, the Title Bar is hidden by default. In addition to this, the Menu Bar is incorporated in the window frame. This can make it a bit trickier to move the window around on your screen. There are still a couple of places you can grab with your mouse pointer that will allow you to move the whole window (highlighted in this picture).

Sometimes, the Menu Bar can become disabled or hidden, which makes it very difficult to move the window around. If this happens to you, right-click the "grabbable" area or any of the toolbar buttons and re-check the "Menu Bar" item.
Bookmark Buttons
CHANGE: Bookmarks
"Where have my Bookmarks gone?"

The toolbar buttons for making and using your bookmarks have changed appearance, and now come as a pair that you can find on the toolbar.
Main Menu Button
CHANGE: Main Menu
The Main Menu button has changed from a Flaming Lefty and become part of the Conservative Right.

Kinda sad.
IE-Tab control
There is a pre-installed Add-on called IE-Tab which can be used to quickly switch between rendering a web-page with Firefox and rendering it with Internet Explorer, all within your current Firefox tab and browsing session.

This used to be accomplished by clicking a little icon at the lower-right corner of the window, located on some real estate called the "Add-on Bar".

Firefox has done away with the Add-on toolbar, and now these icons all appear on one toolbar at the top as shown in the picture.

If you use IE-Tab, but do not see the icon on your toolbar, you will need to go to the main menu (see above) and click on "Customize" at the bottom. This lets you select your tools and their location.
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