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FAQ 2562Installing an Extension for Thunderbird

This document details the addition of "Extensions" or "Add-ons" to your Thunderbird profile. Extensions or Add-ons are not part of the main release of the Thunderbird e-mail client, but they are developed by individuals that are interested in extending the functionality of Thunderbird in some useful way.
Step 1
Open Thunderbird. Select Extensions from the Tools menu.
Step 2
Click [Install] in the lower left-hand corner to install the required extension.
Step 3
Enter \\WCS\Apps\TBX in the File name: field. Then, click [Open].

(You can just copy and paste the above location!)
Step 4
This will display a list of available extensions.

(Click on the extension that you would like to install, e.g. 'mail_redirect-0.7.2-mz+tb.xpi').
Step 5
After clicking [Open] above, you will see a window that counts down a 3 second delay...
Step 5 (continued)
When the button changes to [Install Now], click it and the extension will be added to the list of extensions in your Thunderbird profile.
Step 6
Most extensions require you to restart Thunderbird before they become active...
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