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FAQ 250Remote Desktop Authorization

Remote Desktop is a useful application built in to Windows which allows a person to control their PC from another location on the network. Because this is such a potentially powerful tool, we do several things to protect against unauthorized use.
We only authorize users to connect remotely to their own PCs
In order to get authorized for Remote Desktop use, you will need to send an email to theWaisman Computing Help Desk.

Included in this email, we need your...

1. Waisman Username
2. Room number where your PC is located
3. The name of your Waisman Computer
Your Computer Name Windows XP
To find the name of your Waisman computer, double click on the My Computer icon and the name will be listed under Hard Disk Drives.

for example:

Dunedan (C:) Local Disk

Most Waisman computer names are rather strange, but it is helpful for us to have this information along with your request.
Your Computer Name Windows 7
On Windows 7 computers, your computer name is included with the Computer icon.
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