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FAQ 2208Tobii ClearView and E-Prime Documentation

This FAQ describes need-to-know information for Waisman Center personnel who will be using the Tobii Eye Tracker system in room 454.

You will find a collection of documents that you can download in order to begin development of experiments or studies, as well as tips about the equipment and software.

It should be noted that Waisman is the first site making use of E-Prime v. 2.0 along with the E-Prime Extensions for Tobii (EET). As a result, not all of the kinks have been worked out yet; but PST is actively engaged with us in resolving the remaining problems.

This page is being updated frequently as new information surfaces, so be sure to check back often.
ClearView analysis software for the Tobii Eye Tracker
ClearView is the control software provided by Tobii which runs on PC Landru.

(897 KB) Product Description - ClearView 2.7
(2 MB) ClearView 2.7 User Manual
(714 KB) ClearView Scene Tool Manual
(74 KB) Scene Tool "Mouse Click Tool"
Check the TET-Server
By holding your mouse pointer over the little "t" in the system tray, you can see if the TET-Server process is connected to the 2150 eye-tracker display. If it is, it will say "Tobii 2150 connected" in a little pop up hint.

If not, you may need to get Douglas or Heather involved.
The data analysis features of ClearView can be used to export data to a variety of spreadsheet templates for further analysis and display.

(257 KB) AOI - Areas of Interest
Tobii Studio
While representatives from Tobii were here to provide training, they indicated that the company was releasing a new software product that is intended to replace ClearView known as "Tobii Studio". We do not have this software, but may evaluate a demo copy at some point.

(1.45 MB) Product Description - Tobii Studio
E-Prime is a general purpose experiment development programming suite. It allows one to make a custom application for presenting experimental trials and collecting data. Version 2.0 is now installed. It is currently licensed to only one computer, PC Darwi.

(1.2 MB) E-Prime 2 New Features Guide
(10 MB) E-Prime 2 Getting Started Guide
(19.5 MB) E-Prime 2 User's Guide
(19.2 MB) E-Prime 2 Reference Guide
E-Prime Extensions for Tobii
Additionally, the E-Prime development suite can be used to interface with the Tobii hardware. (This, after all, is the whole point.) These extensions to the E-Prime software allow your applications to calibrate the Eye Tracker and collect raw tracking data.

(4 MB) E-Prime Extensions for Tobii User Manual

As an additional note, the IP address which you should specify for the TET Server is Landru.Waisman.Wisc.Edu or (see below...)
E-Prime: Adding a Tobii device to your Experiment
If you are doing an experiment within E-Prime, and are building this without starting from a sample program, you will need to add a Tobii device into your experiment.

First, double-click the "Experiment Object", select the _/Devices\_ tab, and then click the [Add...] button.
E-Prime: Adding a Tobii device, continued
Next, select the appropriate Tobii device, either "ClearView" or the "TobiiEyeTracker", and then click [OK]
E-Prime: Adding a Tobii device, continued
Whether you are adding a Tobii device, or working off of an existing sample program, you will need to tell E-Prime (running on Darwi) how to find the TET-Server (running on Landru).

Double-click your Tobii device, and enter the IP name:

E-Prime: Using the Secondary Display
In similar fashion to the procedure above, you will need to tell your E-Prime program to use the Secondary Display if you want to have it present output on the Tobii Eye-Tracker screen.

On your Experiment's _/Devices\_ page, double-click the "Display" item and set the Display Index to 2. You may wish to also check the other display settings.
Image Resizing
In order to get optimum results from your test, it is recommended that the images used take up as much of the Tobii eye-tracker display as possible. This often means resizing the images you would like to use. This Windows XP PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click and is already installed on PC Landru and Darwi. Choose the Large (fits 1280 x 1024 screen) option. This tool will save the newly sized images in the same folder and will not write over the original images.

This tool is available for download below

(521 KB) Microsoft XP Image Resizing PowerToy

If you are using a Waisman Center computer and would like this installed, please send an email to the Help Desk with your request.
Calibrating The Eye-Tracker
Ensure that your subject is sitting comfortably in-front of the Tobii at a distance of
approximately 60 cm.

Select "Record" from the left-hand tool bar on the computer. Select your name from the central Subject
area. Click on the Calibrate button. The Track status meter appears, including a
representation of the camera’s field of view with two white circles representing your subject's eyes. Verify that the system automatically shows the position of the two eyes as
white circles, and the text bar showing a green light with the text “both”.

Click on the Start button and instruct your subject to look focused at the point moving across the screen. It
is not necessary to keep the head fixed during calibration.
When the process is complete a screen will be displayed showing the calibration
result. If there are red squares around one or more blue circle click the Recalibrate
button. If not, click Accept and assign a name to the calibration.
Switching from Landru to Darwi and vice versa
In order to go from PC Landru to PC Darwi and back you must double press the "Scroll Lock" key on the right-hand keyboard. This keyboard will then be connected to the active PC, whose secondary display will be on the Tobii monitor.
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