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FAQ 2165How to Map a network drive from off campus (Windows)

Use the following steps to connect to a network drive from off campus. This requires using the WiscVPN software which can be downloaded from:

Step 1
Right click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and select "Map Network Drive"
Step 2
Select any free drive letter (we will use M in this example) and enter the path for the drive in the Folder: box. The path for waisman network drives always begins with the name of our fileserver:


then add the share name of wcu at the end

Step 3
Click "Connect using a different username" and enter


If your waisman username was smith, you would enter:


in the username box.

Then enter your waisman password in the Password box.
Step 4
Then click finish. Your personal network drive should be connected
as drive M.

To map a project drive the procedure is the same except you append \wc (share name) and then the folder name of the project drive in the Path: box. If the project was fragilex the path would be:


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