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FAQ 2129FOR ADMIN USERS ONLY: Changing Security Settings

Advanced users with administrator accounts may wish to lower security settings on older or poorly written applications to allow standard XP user accounts normal usage. Programs which are not multiuser aware (Windows 98 and earlier) often write or change files in their base folder. This is a security risk XP disallows by default. Below are instuctions to remove this restriction.
Locate program folder
Right-click the program's folder, and select [Properties].
Security Tab
Click the _/Security\_ tab, and click [Advanced].
Advanced Security Settings
Uncheck the box "Inherit from parent..."
Click [Copy].
Advanced Security Settings
Highlight the "Users" entry, and click [Edit].
Permission Entry
Ensure "Apply onto: This folder, subfolders and files" is selected. Check the box [x] for Full Control. Hit [OK] a few times and you're done. Keep in mind that you're opening up the folder for modification/deletion by anyone with access to the computer.
Didn't Work?
If this procedure didn't fix the problem, you should consult with the Waisman IT staff.
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