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FAQ 2035Photocopying and Postage

How do I use copying and postage?
If you have a server account, you can use the Waisman copy machines by entering your Username and Password for your server account at the terminal located near the copy machine. Any copies you make will be charged to the primary billing account your server account was set up with. You can have other, secondary billing accounts you are also authorized to use. If that's the case you will be shown the a list of choices and asked which billing account to use on the terminal next to the copy machine.
No Account?
You do not need a server account to use copying and postage services however. Alternatively, you can: Obtain pre-printed bar-code labels from your supervisor or someone who is authorized to use copying and postage. Barcodes can be used for both copying and postage. Postage: affix the barcode label to a blue form obtained in the Waisman mail room (259). Attach the blue form to the item to be mailed. Copying: For self service copies, scan the barcode label with the hand held scanner located next to the copy machine or it's terminal. For copies made by an operator, affix barcode label to the lavender duplicating service form obtained in room 264 and submit the form with your document to be copied to the operator. Request your supervisor or someone add your UW ID number to one of their accounts. Then swipe your UW ID card through the card reader located near the copy machine. This method only works for copying, not postage.
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