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What is an account and why would I need one?
The term "account" is used in two contexts in relation to Waisman Center services. The first is a "computing account" that provides a single person or user with a username and password in order to authenticate their identity or logon to the servers that supply network services throughout the Center. A username can be up to 12 characters long and typically is a person's last name. Examples of network services that require authentication or logon with a username/password are:
  • Logon to a networked computer (workstation)
  • E-mail (to have an address ending in @waisman.wisc.edu)
  • Storing files and/or data that's automatically backed up
  • Access to shared storage that has data you need.
  • Using network printers
  • Running pre-installed licensed applications software
  • Hosting your individual web page on our server
  • Using other center services such as copying
Billing Account
The second context is a "billing account" to which several people may use to bill charges for services. Billing accounts are names that are up to 8 characters long and can contain letters or numbers. For example, there can be several different people, each with their own server account and a different username/password combination, all billed to an account called PKU. The funding for the billing account PKU can come from several different UW fund/accounts. The tie between billing accounts and UW funding is handled by the Waisman Business office.
Computing Account
How do you get a computing account? You or your supervisor can use this form: Requst a Computing Account, There is no charge to setup and use a computing account.
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