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FAQ 1997Microsoft Windows Vista Info:

This FAQ is intended to answer some questions about Windows Vista.
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What is it?
Windows Vista is the newest Operating System from Microsoft. Your computer's operating system is the core software that allows you to run your office applications, web browser, etc. It is also crucial to accessing your network drives.
It's newer, why don't I have it?
The consensus among IT Professionals on the UW campus (and most other major universities) is that Vista doesn't offer benefits that are compelling enough to spend significant time and money on. Until Windows XP is no longer updated for security, I wouldn't expect to see many Vista machines on campus.
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Would my computer run Vista?
Probably, but Vista has some heavy hardware requirements. You can't even play Solitare without a 3D accelerated videocard. Which is funny since it worked great on my 286 in 1992.
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Will we be switching to Vista when Windows XP is no longer secure?
We will certainly be ready for Vista when the time comes, but some alternatives are being strongly concidered.
Should I wait to buy a computer until we start using Vista?
No. There is no need to wait. All the Dell machines purchased since the release of Vista are Vista compatible. Windows XP is still the office-environment standard, and will be for some time.
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