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FAQ 1410How can I check my Waisman email from a web browser when I'm out of the office?

The following screenshots cover the steps to access soyMAIL. Once you understand the basics, you'll find it to be quite easy to use.
Click the soyMAIL link
Step 1
Click on soyMAIL from within the Waisman Computing Services website.
Step 2
Enter your Waisman username and password.
Initial display
Step 3 - NEWMAIL listing
You'll then see the mail in your inbox (If you use Eudora, only the messages you haven't yet checked will show up). The highlighted area indicates where you'll need to click to access your mail. The number opens the message in the current window, the carat opens the message in a new window.
message display
Step 4 - from within a message
At any time, you can click on either Open or New as highlighted to get back to a mailbox. "NEWMAIL" is your inbox. You can use that drop down menu to access any other IMAP folders you've created.
message composition
Step 5 - Composing a message
If you want to write a message, push the "Compose" button. This is the window you'll see. Just fill in the blanks and hit "Send."
Logging Out: step 1
When you're done, make sure to log out properly. Let's go over the steps together. First, click "Logout."
Logging Out: step 2
Click OK to confirm you want to log out.
Logging Out: step 3
When you see this screen, it means your log in info has been cleared. You're done!
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