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FAQ 1403Online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Training Error

Some of the interactive content in the online version of the child abuse reporting training does not work with the default configuration of the Waisman computers (specifically, the way flash is allowed to store data on the computer). The following steps show how to get this content to work as it's intended.
Spinning wheel
Step 1
The problem is apparent if you arrive at an activity that never loads: there's a screen with a constantly spinning black circle.
Flash right-click menu
Step 2
Right-click on or near the circle, and click "Settings..."
Adobe Flash Player Settings
Step 3
A small menu box similar to the one shown should pop up. Click on the tab with the icon of the folder and green arrow.
Adobe Flash Player Settings
Step 4
You should be at the "Local Storage" portion of the menu. Uncheck the box labeled "Never Ask Again," then move the slider to the second notch. Click "Close."
Firefox refresh button
Step 5
Lastly, click to refresh the webpage.
Training Website Content
Now you should be unstuck
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