DATE: Sept 28, 2009

TO: Waisman Center Investigators/Program Heads

FROM: Carl Karcher, Teresa Egan

SUBJECT: Waisman Computing Services (WCS) Rates


The purpose of this memo is to describe updates in the services provided and fee structure used by Waisman Computing Services.


  1. Labor for all routine support issues is now included in the Workstation Standard Support annual service. This includes unlimited general help and training as before but adds troubleshooting, software installations and upgrades. Up until now, we charged separately for these services. Previous fixed charges for imaging, printer installation, driver installation are now included in Workstation Standard Support. For additional details see "Service Descriptions" on the attached service descriptions.
  2. A hardware service plan is now included for networked computers and HP printers. We will no longer charge labor for repair or upgrade of computers covered by Workstation Standard Support and HP printers covered by the non-workstation support service. If parts are required and not covered by a warranty, they will still be the responsibility of the customer
  3. Annual connection fees have increased. The following outlines the changes for the various connection fees:
    1. To accommodate the inclusion of labor charges, essentially providing a fixed cost service, Standard Workstation Support (WSS) will increase from $645 to $795 annually. Keep in mind that this rate remains fully subsidized for NICHD core grant programs and the first computer (providing the funding is from a grant -- i.e. 144 or 133 fund -- TE-2/3/10) for all other programs.
    2. Non-Workstation connections (printers, scanners, etc.) and Laboratory connections have increased from $85 to $100 annually.
    3. Unsupported Workstation connections have increased from $65 to $100 annually.
  4. A new fixed rate charge, Network Connection Move ($40) will now cover moving networked equipment from one location to another, reconfigure both connections and update all documentation.


It is important to realize that even with these charges, a substantial portion of computing infrastructure and support costs continue to be paid for by administration. Compare this, for example, to the Department of Biostatistics which charges $4000 per year per PI and $2000 per year per student. The following list highlights the changes in WCS services and rates which will become effective October 1, 2009:

If you have any questions about the Waisman Computing Services rates, please contact either of us.


Attachment: WCS Service Descriptions and rate structure

Waisman Computing Services Rate Structure (Effective 10/1/2009):


Service Descriptions



Workstation Standard Support (Workstation). Consists of the following bundled services:

    Wired Ethernet connection for a UW owned [1] computer to a secure network using a single IP address, access to the high speed campus network and internet. Network connections are limited to available wall jacks within a particular location but can be added at no cost. Moving existing connections to other locations is not included in the annual fee.

    Authenticated server accounts (username and password) as needed by staff to use secured network services.

    Email with content scanned for viruses and spam filtering with no set storage limits available to POP, IMAP and web clients. Mailing lists and forwarding addresses for projects and labs are available.

    Personal and project web hosting on the Apache web server with PHP, Perl scripting languages, the popular MySQL database and scriptaculous java library. Forums are available using phpbb.

    Network file and print services available to SMB/CIFS clients.  A Storage Area Network (SAN) provides extremely reliable enterprise class, large capacity storage as necessary to perform Waisman related business. For details see: Available Storage

    Automated backup of network storage. Retrieving a lost or damaged file from backup is available as a separate per incident service. See the following description for Backup Recovery service below.  For details see: Backup policy.

    Installation of critical security patches on Windows desktops as required to maintain network security. Computers must remain powered on to receive this service.

    Unlimited technical support for Windows (XP or later) and Macintosh (OSX or later) computers for typical issues that arise from the operation of networked computers in a workplace environment. Support must be initiated from the WCS Helpdesk at 890-1000, email to help@waisman.wisc.edu or walk in to room 216. This includes:

      General help, questions, troubleshooting and training.

      Software installation and upgrade of programs necessary for doing your work. You must purchase any required licenses, media and documentation if required.

      Integration of a new selected PC configuration [2] for operation on our network or an extension of our network. Includes imaging of hard drive with pre-configured software [3], no ad-ware, all current security patches, installation and setup in a single location, including transfer of files.

      Printer setup (adding or changing printing options)

We may need to set priorities so one project does not monopolize resources needed by others.

It does NOT include:

  Security related events such as virus cleanup, RIAA investigations or license/copyright infringement. Regular labor charges will apply.

  Computers not enrolled in Workstation Standard Support such as home PCs. Regular labor charges will apply.

  Eudora support. However, upgrading to Thunderbird is offered at no cost.

  Programming such as: web site and database design.

  Installation or configuration of server software or hardware.

  File retrieval from backups. Offered as a fixed cost service below.

    We will diagnose and repair hardware issues on the connected networked computer charging only for parts if they are not covered under warranty.

    One time integration of new selected PC configurations [2] for operation on our secured network. Includes imaging of hard drive with pre-configured software [3], all current security patches, installation and setup in a single location. Same as Image Installation service described below.

Other included services below have matching color shading


Yes-NICHD core grant projects @ 100%; UCEDD projects @ 20%

Unsupported Workstation (Live Jack). Ethernet connection to the Campus network with a single IP address. No other services or support are provided. For projects that currently employ a dedicated, professional IT staff or pay to outsource their support.


Yes-NICHD core grant projects @ 100%; UCEDD projects @ 20%

Laboratory Connection (Lab Equipment). Ethernet connection to the Campus network with a single IP address for laboratory equipment such as microscopes. Computers that incur email and web browsing activity are disqualified from this service.


Yes-Equipment in investigator laboratories.
No-Core equipment.

 Non-Workstation Connection. (Printer/Scanner) Ethernet connection to a secured, network with a single IP address. Intended for printers, scanners or other network aware devices.


    Printer installation and setup for networked printers purchased through WCS (there is no additional markup).

    We will diagnose and repair hardware issues on the connected HP printer charging only for parts if they are not covered under warranty.



Applications Programming. Several Waisman Computing Service staff are experts in various modern programming languages, and offer their programming expertise for those who need assistance in development of special-purpose programs for research, design and creation of web sites, and any other activity requiring programming.  David Wilson is the staff member who usually provides this service but any of the Computing staff can be consulted about programming issues or send email to: programming@waisman.wisc.edu.

$95 per hour


Computer Consulting and Troubleshooting. Our staff of skilled IT professionals have decades of combined experience and can provide expert assistance with a wide range of IT related issues including, application setup, use and debugging, data management, computer resource and performance optimization, ongoing maintenance of computers, security, privacy or any other IT or network-related problem. While any staff member can direct a user to the individual most appropriate for the problem, the most efficient means of obtaining help is to send a descriptive e-mail message to help@waisman.wisc.edu where it will be entered into an automated call tracking system with progress documented. No cost if you have Workstation Standard Support.

$95 per hour


Installation and Repair. Applies to installation, repair, or upgrade of hardware and software 
No cost if you have Workstation Standard Support.

$95 per hour


Image Installation. One time integration of a selected PC configuration [2] for operation on our secured network. Includes imaging of hard drive with pre-configured software [3], all current security patches, installation and setup in a single location. No cost if you have Workstation Standard Support.

$350 per machine


Printer Installation. Setup, connect and verify operation of a new printer in a single location. Includes installation and configuration of driver software on a single PC. No cost if you have non-Workstation Connection for HP printers.

$55 per printer


Driver Installation. Installation and configuration of driver software on a single PC required to use a shared peripheral such as an HP printer. No cost if you have Workstation Standard Support

$30 per machine


Network Connection Move. Move a single network connection to another location, reconfigure network ports and update all necessary documentation.



Pre Sales Consultation. Determining the PC configuration that meets your needs and fits your budget. What you need, dont need and why. Will a typical configuration work for you or do you need a specialized custom solution? This service is typically provided by Dan Heindl.

No Charge


Backup Recovery.  Service to recover one or more files from a backup save set present on backup tapes. Intended to recover files deleted or corrupted by accident or other unexpected event. For details see: Backup policy. This service is provided by Carl Karcher.

$115 per incident



1.      Only UW owned equipment may be connected to the Waisman secured network. Personally owned computers may be used on the UW Wireless Network without incurring any connection fee.

2.      Selected PC configurations are those that are available as special offers on the MDS Dell web page OR have been identified as a result of a free pre-sales consultation (see description above). The PC must be ordered through Waisman Computing Services (there is no additional cost or markup for this service) in order to qualify as a selected configuration.

3.      Pre-configured software includes: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition, Microsoft Office XP suite, Corel Office Suite, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client, Symantec Anti-Virus, X-Win32, QWS3270, SecureCRT (ssh client), SecureFX (sftp client), Oracle Calendar (WiscCal), Quicktime Viewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Shockwave and Flash players, RealPlayer, Java Runtime Environment, Kronos Timekeeper System, Cisco VPN client (WiscVPN) as appropriate, Roxio DVD/CD burner and DVD CoDecs as appropriate. Unless the computer is covered by Workstation Standard Support, additional software installation, configuration and setup is provided at the hourly rate for Installation and Repair plus applicable license and media fees.