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Name, Area, Unit, Title Office Phone Email
O'Brien, Jacob
Child Emotion Research Laboratory
Student Hourly
399   obrien27[at]wisc[dot]edu
O'Grady, Joseph "Patrick"
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None jogrady[at]wisc[dot]edu
O'Hearn, Ryan
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None rmohearn[at]Clinicaltrials[dot]wisc[dot]edu
O'Leary, Dillon
Goldsmith Laboratory
Student Hourly
578 265-2674 doleary[at]wisc[dot]edu
O'Neill, Jessica M
Social Kids Lab
Student Credit
516 263-5853 joneill4[at]wisc[dot]edu
Oakley, Sarah
Infant Learning Laboratory
Associate Research Specialist
501 263-5876 sjoakley[at]wisc[dot]edu
Obernolte, Lisa M
University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities
Genetics and Metabolism Program
Clinical Dietician
349 262-5195 obernolte[at]wisc[dot]edu
Oetzel, Sonja
UCEDD Administration
University Services Associate 2
T106 265-8955 soetzel[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ogiba, Rebecca
University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities
Katie Beckett Program
Outreach Specialist
A140 608-263-7861 ogiba[at]wisc[dot]edu
Oleson, Carley
Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Lab
Student Credit
476 263-5764 ceoleson[at]wisc[dot]edu
Oliva, Jason
Brain Imaging Core
Student Credit
NONE None jaoliva[at]wisc[dot]edu
Olivieri, Abby
Wisconsin Intelligibility, Speech, and Communication Laboratory
Student Hourly
420 263-7134 aolivieri2[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ollinger, Anna
Lifespan Family Research Program
Student Hourly
550   aollinger[at]wisc[dot]edu
Olson, Allysa
Genetics and Metabolism Program
328 263-2066 aolson29[at]wisc[dot]edu
Olson, Kelly
DD (Developmental Disabilities) Clinical Services
322 None kjlucht[at]wisc[dot]edu
Olson, Robert
Clinical Translational Core
Associate Researcher
397 890-3075 rolson[at]waisman[dot]wisc[dot]edu
Olson, Tyler
Laboratory of Myelin Molecular Biology
661 263-4413 tcolson3[at]wisc[dot]edu
Opelt, Maggie
Autism Treatment Program
Treatment Specialist
A121 890-3622 margaret.opelt[at]uwmf[dot]wisc[dot]edu
Ortega Mercado, Francis
Puglielli Laboratory
631 None ortegamercad[at]wisc[dot]edu
Orthlieb, Marlena
Genetics and Metabolism Program
328 263-2066 orthlieb[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ortmann, Neil
Waisman Biomanufacturing
Micro Biology Lab Tech - Entry
213 262-9547 nortmann[at]wisc[dot]edu
Orzechowski, Maria
Student Credit
525 890-2670 maorzechowsk[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ostrander, Kaitlyn
Lifespan Family Research Program
Student Hourly
550 None kostrander2[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ott, Crystal
Waisman Biomanufacturing
Associate Administrative Program Specialist
206 TBD cahall4[at]wisc[dot]edu
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