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Name, Area, Unit, Title Office Phone Email
Nacewicz, Brendon M
Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior
T172 265-9218 bmnacewi[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nair, Nivedita
Medical Genetics
354 263-0531 nnair[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nair, Veena
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None nair3[at]wisc[dot]edu
Namkung, Eun Ha
Lifespan Family Research Program
Project Assistant
559 890-4919 namkung[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nass, Olivia
Biochemical Genetics
University Services Associate 1
354 263-0531 onass[at]wisc[dot]edu
Natzke, Phoebe E
Wisconsin Intelligibility, Speech, and Communication Laboratory
Assistant Researcher
465 263-5822 pnatzke[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nave, Lauren
Child Emotion Research Laboratory
Student Hourly
399   lnave[at]wisc[dot]edu
Negri, Nanette
University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities
Community TIES/Community Outreach Wisconsin/UCEDD
Senior Outreach Specialist
A140 469-6611 nanegri[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nemec, Kelsey
Dr. Zhao's Laboratory
Student Credit
T525 890-4392 knemec[at]wisc[dot]edu
Neperud, Megan
Language Processes Laboratory
Student Hourly
443 None neperud[at]wisc[dot]edu
Newberry, Laura
Gamm Research Laboratory
Student Hourly
T610 890-0753 lnewberry[at]wisc[dot]edu
Newby, Shawn
Wilkerson Laboratory
Research Assistant
Newcomb, Morgan
Social Kids Lab
Student Credit
527 263-5053 mknewcomb[at]wisc[dot]edu
Newman, Angela
Social and Behavioral Dev. Lab
264 263-5854 anewman6[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ney, Denise
Molecular & Genetic Sciences
  262-4386 ney[at]nutrisci[dot]wisc[dot]edu
Nguyen, Justyn
Lifespan Family Research Program
Student Hourly
550 262-4717 jnguyen8[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nguyen, Linh
Dr.Chang's Laboratory
667A None ling.t.nguyen[at]lawrence[dot]edu
Nieuwenhuis, Bethany
Ausderau Lab
Student Credit
A124 None nieuwenhuis[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nilles, Kelsy
Gamm Research Laboratory
Associate Research Specialist
T610 890-0753 knilles[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nitsche, Lauren
Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Lab
Student Hourly
476 263-5764 nitsche[at]wisc[dot]edu
Niziolek, Carrie
Brain, Language, and Acoustic Behavior Laboratory
Assistant Professor
485 890-0192 cniziolek[at]wisc[dot]edu
Noel, Gabriel
Waisman Biomanufacturing
T419 None gnoel[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nolan, Monika
Waisman Early Childhood Program
Educational Assistant
S101 608-263-0729 mvnolan[at]wisc[dot]edu
Noltemeyer, Nicole
Social Kids Lab
Student Credit
516 None nnoltemeyer[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nord, Elizabeth
KH101, Univ. Bay Dr
Novak, Annie
Dr. Zhao's Laboratory
Student Credit
T511 890-4392 amnovak3[at]wisc[dot]edu
Nwoke, Onyekachi
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None onwoke[at]wisc[dot]edu
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