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Name, Area, Unit, Title Office Phone Email
Adams, Karley
Educational Neuroscience Lab
Student Credit
271   kadams9[at]wisc[dot]edu
Adams, Tara
University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities
Public Policy and Systems Change (UCEDD)
University Services Program Associate
  608-512-9167 tadams9[at]wisc[dot]edu
Addington-White, Emma
University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities
Waisman Early Childhood Program
Student Hourly
S101B   emma.addington.white[at]gmail[dot]com
Adluru, Nagesh
Alexander Laboratory
Assistant Scientist
T129 890-2671 adluru[at]wisc[dot]edu
Advani, Hemali S
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None hadvani[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ales, Michael (Mike)
Business Office
Facilities Maintenance Specialist
202 263-5883 ales2[at]wisc[dot]edu
Alexander, Andrew L
Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior
T135 265-8233 aalexander[at]waisman[dot]wisc[dot]edu
Allen, Scott
Maternal and Child Health Unit
Associate Outreach Specialist
550 8901390 seallen6[at]wisc[dot]edu
Almane, Dace
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None almane[at]neurology[dot]wisc[dot]edu
Almassi, Neda
Brain Imaging Core
NONE None almassi[at]wisc[dot]edu
Alpert, Jennifer
Social and Behavioral Dev. Lab
364 263-5854 alpertje[at]umich[dot]edu
Anbouba, Grace
University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities
Developmental Disabilities and Genetics Clinical Services Unit
Associate Clinical Genetic Counselor
350 265-2794 ganbouba[at]wisc[dot]edu
Anderle, Michael J
Brain Imaging Core
Senior Information Processing Consultant
T221 265-6250 manderle[at]wisc[dot]edu
Anderson, Scott
Motor and Brain Development Laboratory
437 263-8913 saanderson4[at]wisc[dot]edu
Anderson, Sean
Binaural Hearing and Speech Laboratory
Project Assistant
  262-7483 sanderson44[at]wisc[dot]edu
Appleman, Mary
Waisman Biomanufacturing
Student Hourly
217 890-4730 mcappleman[at]wisc[dot]edu
Aquilino, Zoe
Social Kids Lab
Student Credit
516 263-5853 zaqilino[at]wisc[dot]edu
Arias-Duchen, Ariadna
Social Kids Lab
Student Hourly
501 263-5876 ariadna[at]wisc[dot]edu
Arneson, Carrie L
Clinical Translational Core
Administrative Program Specialist
373 263-5192 clarneso[at]wisc[dot]edu
Atkinson, Bryan J
Waisman Biomanufacturing
Research Specialist
425A 263-7109 atkinson[at]waisman[dot]wisc[dot]edu
Ausderau, Karla K
Ausderau Lab
Assistant Professor
493 263-5149 kausderau[at]wisc[dot]edu
Austin, Mark
Waisman Biomanufacturing
Student Hourly
T480   maustin5[at]wisc[dot]edu
Ayala, Melvin
Dr. Zhang's Stem Cell Research Laboratory
Senior Research Specialist
641B 263-9674 ayala[at]waisman[dot]wisc[dot]edu
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