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Accessing Supports
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Many individuals with intellectual disabilities need support while on the job. This will likely be true for AmeriCorps placements as well. AmeriCorps provides reasonable accommodations, defined by the National Service Inclusion Project as "an adjustment to a service position, the service environment, or the way things are usually done that allows a qualified individual with a disability to complete the application process, perform essential service functions, or enjoy equal access to benefits and privileges of service." These accommodations may include such things as alternative formats and transportation.

But what if an individual needs one-to-one support? How will this person be able to serve? Students participating in their school districtís 18-21 year-old transition programs may be able to access support through the district. In addition, since community service builds job skills and provides exploration of career paths, those who are clients of vocational rehabilitation services may be able to obtain supports through VR. Check out the National Service to Employment (NextSTEP) project's powerpoint, "Service Works!: Collaboration between Vocational Rehabilitation and National Service programs as an avenue towards employment for VR clients" from October 18, 2011.

As of 2012, each state receives disability accommodation funds from the federal government. This money can be used to help a member with a disability access needed accommodations. For instance, this money could cover mileage accrued by a friend or family member who provides an AmeriCorps member with transportation to and from an AmeriCorps placement. It might also be used for cost sharing to help pay for one-to-one supports. To inquire about how to use this money and to access the funds for acommodation, individuals need to work with the AmeriCorps disability services coordinator for Wisconsin.

Last modified Friday, April 13th, 2012