I am an associate professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I moved here in 2004 from Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Nashville, I was a high school special education teacher in San Antonio, Texas.

My research focuses on identifying effective educational services and supports for adolescents and young adults with disabilities. Specifically, I am working with schools to find effective strategies for increasing access to the general curriculum and meaningful peer relationships for middle and high school students with severe disabilities (e.g., cognitive disabilities, autism, multiple disabilities). I also enjoy working with schools to identify new approaches for improving school, work, and community outcomes for youth with disabilities, particularly students identified as having emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) or severe disabilities.

I am Principal Investigator on Project Summer and have enjoyed collaborating with innovative and dedicated educators, schools, and community members throughout Wisconsin. We look forward to sharing back what we have learned about effective strategies for supporting successful transition experiences for youth with disabilities.

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