University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Early Childhood & Education Unit

The purpose of the Early Childhood and Education Unit is to design and implement a range of research, training and service projects that work to assure that children with or at risk for developmental disabilities and delays receive high quality education services that support success through the pre-school, elementary, middle and high-school years, and transition to adulthood. Current initiatives are:

  • Providing a Center-based inclusive early childhood program to 90-100 children age 1-6.
  • Utilizing a variety of community training and technical assistance approaches to increase the skills, competencies and proficiencies of individuals working within early childhood and education systems.
  • Conducting studies to investigate new methods to provide education and related community services and support to children and youth with developmental disabilities and other special health care needs. Current projects are focused on youth and young adults in transition years

Waisman Early Childhood Program
Waisman Early Childhood Program is an inclusive classroom based program that serves children ages 1 though 6.

Professional Development

Birth to 3 Training and Technical Assistance
Wisconsin Personnel Development Project and RESources are statewide training and technical assistance resources for Birth to 3 staff and families in Wisconsin.

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders
This multi–university center promotes the use of evidence–based practice for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders through the development of training materials and provision of training and technical assistance to state partners.

Youth Transition

ThinkCollege Wisconsin
Efforts are unfolding across the country to increase and expand upon postsecondary education options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In Wisconsin, the demand for college is growing and pockets of people across the state are discussing how to develop programs in their own communities. This website serves as a tool to inform, connect, and support people involved in these efforts. Explore the site, read the state plan, and register for the listserv. It's time to THINK COLLEGE.

Natural Supports Project
Schools and communities throughout Wisconsin already are exploring an array of innovative ideas and strategies to provide natural supports to youth with disabilities. This grant competition is designed to discover and promote effective, natural ways of providing supports across a variety of different school, work, and community opportunities.

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