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The materials provided on this compact disc (CD) reflect a training series sponsored by the Wisconsin Family Support 360 (WFS 360) project called Learning Circles. The purpose of this CD is to make it easier for those wishing to provide training and information to families. The topics chosen were in response to those identified by parents who sought information and support from the project. WFS 360 made materials available in English and Spanish and translated most handouts for events into Spanish.

All files are PDFs. If you are having trouble viewing them, download the free Adobe Reader.

Advocating for Change

Children and Challenging Behaviors

Everybody has a Gift

Help...I Need a Break!

Helping Individuals Be Safe in the Community

How Can My Medical Assistance Card Help My Child With Disabilities?

How to Use the Internet to Find Resources for My Child with Developmental Disabilities

How To Use the Medical Assistance Card - Questions and Tips

Let's Talk About Nutrition

Making a Friend, Being a Friend


My Child has an IEP...What Should I do?

Navigating the Road to Special Education

Overview of the IEP Process

Parent-School Partnerships

Parents and Partners on a Journey

Parents Supporting Parents

Private Insurance and Your Doctor

Promoting Friendships

Public Support Systems

Questions to Ask When A Child's Behavior Is Of Concern

Services Available to Children with Disabilities

Staying Busy in the Summer

  • Flyers: English, Spanish
  • Child Care Inclusion Resources Fact Sheet: English
  • Why is Inclusive Child Care Important?: English, Spanish
  • Consejos utiles para garantizar el cuidado inclusivo: Spanish
  • Checklist for Quality Summer Child Care: English
  • Questions about ADA Rights: English, Spanish
  • Phone Interview Questions: English
  • Options for Finding Child Care and Summer Programs: English

Taking Care of Myself so I can Take Care of my Family

Talking About Children

Ways to Handle Behaviors That Challenge Us

What Happens when my Child Turns 18? Things to Think About

  • Flyers: English, Spanish
  • On Being 18: English
  • Making a Difference: English
  • Froeming Law Office Guardianship and Trust Issues: English
  • Finding Common Ground Booklet: English
  • One Step Ahead Booklet: English
  • Rules of 18: English, Spanish
  • Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Dane County: English, Spanish
  • Dane County Programs - Supporting Children with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families: English

Why is Inclusive Child Care Important?