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Category: Community Training Event
Title: Beyond the Five Senses: A Sense-ational InfoShare!
Start Date: 2013-04-26 @ 8:30 AM
End Date: 2013-04-26 @ 3:30 PM
Details: Experiencing and Exploring the Gifts and Bumps of Sensory and Movement Differences, Keynote by Nanette Negri, Ph.D.
All of us experience this world through our senses. All of us learn, behave and formulate memories based on these experiences. And while all of us do this generally in the same way, each of us also does so differently. How we experience the world, learn, create, store memories, and manage stress makes us who we areā€¦each much the same, and yet different from one another.
Sponsor: Community Training & Consultation is funded by Dane County Human Services
Cost: $10 per person
Location: Alliant Energy Center: 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Exhibition Hall
State: WI
City: Madison
Region: Northeastern
County: Dane
Geographic Scope: Wisconsin Local
Ages: Young Adult (18-29),Adult (30-49),Older Adult (50-59),Senior Adult (60+)
Contact Information Rachel Weingarten
Attachments/Files Sensory-Brochure.pdf

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