Medical Home Practice Group

The Medical Home Practice Group promotes the implementation of the Medical Home approach in the care of children and youth with ASD and other Developmental Disabilities. The Medical Home approach to care is family-centered, culturally competent, compassionate, accessible, comprehensive, coordinated and continuous.

In the Medical Home:

  • families and youth are supported as decision makers in their care;
  • children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Development Disabilities and other special needs are identified early though the use of validated screening tools;
  • children and youth access timely quality diagnostic services;
  • care is coordinated across the spectrum of care and
  • families are linked to services and supports they need.

2 priority areas identified during the May 20th meeting:

  • Early Identification and Diagnosis
  • Care Coordination

Items for Policy Practice Group Consideration: lack of consistency regarding diagnosis and waiver eligibility based on county of residence; access to diagnostic services, reimbursement for developmental screening (available to pediatricians but not family physicians)

Meeting Notes

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