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Health Care

Wisconsin Toolkit - In this Toolkit, Wisconsin physicians and families share their stories and insights on creating a Medical Home Partnership. They will guide you through the key steps of quality improvement – the small steps that can make big differences for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

National Center for Medical Home Implementation - This resource is for health professionals, families and anyone interested in creating a medical home for all children and youth.

Questions you may have:

1. What is Developmental Surveillance and Screening?

Developmental Surveillance and Screening in the Medical Home - Dr. Mala Mathur, a Madison area Pediatrician presents on surveillance and screening.

2. What is a diagnostic assessment?

Screening and Diagnosis - Information from the CDC on Screening and Diagnosis.

3. Who should I call in Wisconsin to find a doctor who does screening or diagnosis?

Wisconsin First Step or your Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

4. what are some therapies I may want to consider?

Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a good overview on some therapy options.

5. What happens when my child outgrows his pediatrician?

When a child is moving from childhood to adulthood, we call this Transition. There are many resources surrounding this major topic. Here are two main starting points for you: