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Wisconsin Family Leadership Institute (WiFLI) is a curriculum for Wisconsin families interested in an intensive leadership development experience. The curriculum provides families information on:

  • engage with partners
  • participate in quality improvement activities
  • serve on advisory committees
  • organize local groups
  • improve their communities for children with disabilities or special health care needs and their families.

If you previously participated in a family learning opportunity such as PIP, YiPPE, Partners in Policymaking, or have served on an advisory or community committee, you will find WiFLI a great next step in your journey. WiFLI provides an in depth leadership development experience for families supporting a family member with disabilities or special health care needs. The Institute has a strong focus on building skills for participatory leadership, values of community inclusion and principles of individual and family centered practices.

Session 1 - Clarifying Values and Creating a Foundation for Leadership

Session 2 - Innovations in Supporting Children and their Families

Session 3 - Developing Your Meeting and Communication Skills

Session 4 - Building an Action Strategy as Part of a Team

Session 5 - Completing the Circle and Looking Ahead

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