Student and Postdoctoral Opportunities

Waisman Center Programs

The Waisman Center UCEDD is comprised of a number of programs. Some of the programs that have served as filed placements for students from a number of different disciplines are:

  • Waisman Early Childhood Program (WECP)
    Waisman Early Childhood Program is an inclusive classroom based program that serves children ages 1 though 6.
    Contact: Joan Ershler
  • Community TIES
    Community TIES provides case management and community training on challenging behavior.
    Contact: Josh Lapin or Paul White
  • Waisman Resource Center
    Waisman Resource Center is a collection of several Center programs that provide information and assistance to individuals who have questions about services and programs that support families and children with disabilities or special health care needs. The Center serves families and professionals who attend Waisman Center clinics. Call the 800 line or drop in for assistance.
    Contact: 800‐532‐3211, Liz Hecht or Amy Lyle
  • Project Summer
    Project Summer's goal is to identify strategies that increase the participation of youth with disabilities in work, school, and the community, leading to better post‐school outcomes and with a special emphasis on the summer months.
    Contact: Colleen Kurkowski Moss
  • Natural Supports Project
    Schools and communities throughout Wisconsin already are exploring an array of innovative ideas and strategies to provide natural supports to youth with disabilities. This grant is designed to discover and promote effective, natural ways of providing supports across a variety of different school, work, and community opportunities.
    Contact: Colleen Kurkowski Moss
  • WI LEND Program
    WI LEND is a graduate‐level leadership training program that is focused on children with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities. LEND can serve as a field placement experience for students from programs such as social work and public health. These are individually arranged.
    Contact: Anne Bradford Harris, LEND Director
  • Early Childhood Professional Development Program
    The purpose of the Early Childhood Professional Development Program is to utilize a variety of community training and technical assistance approaches to increase the skills, competencies, and proficiencies of individuals working within the early intervention, early childhood, and education systems.
    Contact: Carol Noddings Eichinger