Pre‐Service Training Committee

Charge to Waisman Center UCEDD Pre‐Service Training Committee:

To facilitate the development and evaluation of graduate– and undergraduate‐level interdisciplinary and disciplinary training efforts at the Waisman Center. This committee does not design and manage the specific training programs, for that responsibility rests with the faculty and staff who are responsible for their respective programs.

The Preservice Training Committee will:

  • Develop criteria for what constitutes a Waisman Center Training Program.
  • Be a resource for those who are considering development of a new training program at the Waisman Center.
  • Address operational issues related to the functioning of Waisman Center Training Programs, including such issues as:
    • Recruitment
    • Background Check
    • Working/Study Space and Equipment
    • Follow Along and Ongoing Reporting of Post Graduate Experience
    • Oversee registration of Waisman Center trainees and other required data reporting
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of a trainee orientation program.
  • Develop guidelines for ongoing maintenance of the student opportunities website.
  • Develop guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness and impact of training programs.
  • Develop content of a “core curriculum” that includes information that all Waisman Center trainees should learn as a component of their experience as a Waisman Trainee.
  • Coordinate staff development opportunities related to utilization of different methodologies for distance education.
  • Promote collaborative training activities between various training programs, e.g., presentations/interactions with faculty,
  • Oversee development and implementation of Family Mentor Program.
  • Oversee development and implementation of cultural immersion experiences.
  • Recruit nominees for the annual Friends of the Waisman Center student awards.