Student and Postdoctoral Opportunities

Graduate Students

Various graduate student training and employment opportunities are available at the Waisman Center, which is part of the University of Wisconsin‐Madison Graduate School.

Formal Professional Training Programs

Formal professional training programs housed at the Waisman Center for graduate students in specific disciplines/fields of study include the WI LEND Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (WI LEND) and the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program. Graduate students from the following disciplines currently participate in these programs:

  • audiology
  • education
  • genetic counseling
  • health administration
  • nursing
  • nutrition
  • occupational therapy
  • pediatrics
  • physical therapy
  • psychology
  • public health
  • social work
  • speech and language

Trainees for MCH LEND and Genetic Counseling are usually recruited during the Spring semester for admission the following Fall.

Formal training opportunities are also available at the post-doctoral level.

Field and Clinical Training Experiences

Field experiences and clinical training experiences are also available for graduate students, and are typically arranged through the student's academic program. A graduate student participating in any training through the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) will receive an orientation to the Waisman Center.


Research, project, and teaching assistant positions are posted and recruited by individual investigators when available. There are also paid and volunteer opportunities through the Waisman Center Early Childhood Program (WECP) and other programs. Please check the Waisman Center positions and the University of Wisconsin‐Madison Job Center for paid opportunities. Information on graduate student scholarship and work‐study programs is available through the University of Wisconsin‐Madison Graduate Student Funding.