Student and Postdoctoral Opportunities

Formal Professional Training Programs

Formal Professional Training Programs are defined as those that utilize a competitive application process and which follow a prescribed curriculum or set of experiences with specific outcomes. At the present time, the Waisman Center sponsors several formal training programs:

The WI LEND Program provides interdisciplinary and disciplinary leadership training for graduate students and community professionals to improve systems of care that promote the prevention of disabilities and assure access to services for children with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities and their families.

The Wisconsin Predoctoral Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology (WICPP). WICPP is a multi-site consortium training program that provides learning experiences for predoctoral psychology interns that are organized, sequential, cumulative, and graded in complexity. At the present time, the Waisman Center offers a 1-year full-time experience to psychology interns working primarily with children/youth with special health care needs. Application materials are due November 15, for a Fall 2011 Internship.

The Genetic Counseling Masters Program combines advanced education in human, molecular, and medical genetics with skills and experience in counseling. The Genetic Counseling Training Program is administered through the Laboratory of Genetics, one of the oldest and most respected genetics centers in the nation.

The NICHD Postdoctoral Training Program that provides interdisciplinary post doctoral training in social and behavioral research on developmental disabilities.