Student and Postdoctoral Opportunities

Description of Training Opportunities

Waisman Center pre‐service training opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels work to prepare individuals to assume career positions within a wide range of professions related to developmental and other disabilities. Opportunities also foster leadership training of parents.

While some Waisman Center training opportunities such as WI LEND Program are formally structured based on a set curriculum, others are more customized to the individual needs of a trainee. Typical opportunities support understanding and application of content within several domains, including provision of clinical service, evidence‐based practices, interdisciplinary teamwork, culturally competent services, family‐centered care, leadership development, and advocacy.

All Waisman Center trainees are part of a national network of UCEDD trainees that is coordinated by the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). With support from AUCD, trainees from throughout the country are able to come together via websites, listserves, message boards, webcasts, and meeting opportunities.

Within this website, you can learn about formal training programs at the Waisman Center, as well as opportunities for clinical and field experience. This website is also a handy resource for current Waisman students/trainees and faculty and staff who are supervising Waisman Center students and fellows.

While the terms student and trainee are used throughout this website, they can be used interchangeably to refer to any individual who is registered within the Waisman trainee database as a short‐term (between 8 and 40 hours per academic year), intermediate (41–299 hours) or long‐term trainee (300+ hours).

We are continually developing our training programs and opportunities, so please contact us if you have questions or suggestions!