University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

About Areas of Emphasis

A UCEDD Area of Emphasis is a programmatic area of focus that is related to the mission of the UCEDD (to support inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life) and encompasses a range of activity across the UCEDD core functions of research, training and service. The purposes of organizing Areas of Emphasis are to:

  • Identify the broad and major programmatic areas of the UCEDD.
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities that the UCEDD confronts within each area of emphasis.
  • Briefly explains active UCEDD initiatives within the area, and identify staff and faculty who are involved with that work.
  • Assist to organize key information and resources so that it can be more easily accessible to others interested in such information. (Information is organized by the various programs and individuals working in specialty areas, and access to the information is promoted in cooperation with the Waisman Resource Center.)
  • Promote opportunities for individuals working within an area of emphasis to talk with one another in order to learn about their work, and to consider if and how they might work more closely together.

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