Last Updated July 13, 2010


Directions for Submitting Photos

Hello. My name is Susan and I'm putting together the equipment pages for the Children & Adults with Spina Bifida web site.

The purpose of the equipment pages is to help parents understand the wide range of equipment available for their children and young adults who have spina bifida, including the many options available depending on level of need.

We are asking for families to contribute photos of their children using various peices of equipment.

I will be helping by getting some pictures together of equipment.  I am first asking for pictures of wheelchairs; either power or manual (include star cars, electric scooters, etc.).  (6/21/2007) Revising to send any pictures…I don’t have an onslaught yet! LOL   

Please include the following:

  1. Brand of wheelchair - the manufacture, such as Quickie, Etac, Invacre, etc
  2. Manufacturer website link if you have one (if not, I can probably find one)
  3. Wheelchair Model Name - such as Zippie by Quickie, Sting by Etac, etc.
  4. Options - any options you have on the wheelchair
  5. Name and age of child using the chair and their functional level (to help new parents understand different seating needs for kids with higher spinal defects). 
  6. Comments about the chair - what you like, don't like, would you buy one again, etc.

I will get to walkers, gait trainers, braces, ride-on toys and such later. Once again, go ahead and send now and include the above information.   Please do keep that in mind if you are going out specifically to take equipment pictures.  An angled view often shows the chair the best, where you get both the side and front of the chair in a single shot.  If you do not want your child named in the photo, please let me know this when you send the picture. 

 I prefer the picture in jpeg format, but if you don’t know how to convert pictures, I can probably figure it out eventually.  I am new to this! LOL  Please send me the picture as an attachment to my email address and not to the list.  Higher resolutions will show up better and my private email can handle larger files.  Please send pictures as attachments in jpg format.  Higher resolutions are better.  Include the following information if you can, please…