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The Children and Adults with Spina Bifida website has been around since 1996. It is associated with SB-List, the first Internet Discussion list for parents of children with spina bifida. In particular, the focus of this site and SB-List is myelomeningocele, the most severe form of spina bifida.

If you are an adult with spina bifida, or the parent of a child with a different type of spinal dysraphism (spina bifida occulta, lipomyelomeningocele, tethered cord syndrome, etc) please see the Resources & Links page for discussion lists and information related to your issues.

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This page is a compilation of information and resources intended to be a service to parents of children who have spina bifida. Inclusion of
any resource or web site does not imply endorsement. Any medical or health care reference is intended for informational purposes
only. If you have any questions relating to your child's condition please consult your child's doctor.

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