Public Keys and Certificates for Douglas Swiggum

Here is my S/MIME certificate...
Douglas Swiggum <Swiggum(at)Waisman(dot)Wisc(dot)Edu>
University of Wisconsin-Madison

SHA1 Fingerprint = 90:79:9B:4D:9D:6F:76:1A:42:43:29:6B:3E:5E:6B:DE:54:44:CD:AA
MD5 Fingerprint = 69:7B:C5:72:FA:62:13:A2:94:91:07:97:4A:E9:5B:CC

Here is my PGP DSS key...
Type  bits/keyID    Date       User ID
pub   1024/044584B5 1998-07-17 Douglas Swiggum <Swiggum(at)Waisman(dot)Wisc(dot)Edu>
sub   2048/5A0F7376 1998-07-17

Key fingerprint =  1F88 969A F582 C162 5E3C  3C10 F6DB 8E27 0445 84B5

and here is my RSA key...
Type  bits/keyID    Date       User ID
pub   1024/188CB7C9 1995-11-10 Douglas M. Swiggum <Swiggum(at)Waisman(dot)Wisc(dot)Edu>
          [revoked: 2005-12-06]

Key fingerprint =  50 DA 1E 68 2E 49 DC F3  FC E9 CD B1 78 CE 85 C2
If you wish to authenticate my RSA key, you will also find the fingerprint published in The Global Trust Register, by the Computer Security Group at the University of Cambridge.

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