Waisman Center–WECP


Applications are available online or in the WECP Office. There is an application fee of $25 per family. We do accept online applications, but official placement on the waitlist occurs when the application fee is received by WECP. Most children begin attending WECP in August/ early September when our academic year begins. Occasionally there are openings in the summer or unexpectedly during the academic year.

Applications are welcome at any time during the year, but we encourage you to apply as early as possible and at least 6 months before your desired enrollment date (summer or fall). You will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your application (and fee) and have been placed on the waiting list. Applications are considered up to the projected enrollment date you have indicated on your application (see below about staying on our waiting list).

In determining enrollment, we consider the following factors:

Using our waiting list applications, we begin informing families the last week in February if we have a fall (or summer) spot for their child. We continue informing families until our classrooms are full for the following academic year. Typically, we complete new enrollment by mid-April. If you choose to accept the spot that is offered, we will ask you to submit a non-refundable deposit equal to one month's tuition, which will be applied toward your first month's tuition.

If you have not been informed of a spot by mid-April, you may assume that it is unlikely we will have an opening for your child. However, please feel free to call at any time (262-4718) or e-mail (ershler@waisman.wisc.edu) to update information on your application or to inquire about the status of your application. Your call or e-mail will be responded to within a week.

We will notify you by e-mail as soon as we know there will not be a spot for your child. This e-mail will also ask if you are interested in staying on our waiting list for the following academic year.

If you are interested in remaining on our waiting list, please call us (263-5760) or e-mail (munz@waisman.wisc.edu) within a week of receiving our e-mail informing you that there is no opening for your child. You will receive a follow-up e-mail confirming that you are remaining on our waiting list until the start of the next academic year. We consult our waiting list until our classrooms are filled, or if an unexpected opening occurs during the school year.

Once enrolled, you and your child will be invited to visit your child's classroom where you can meet the staff and other families, and discuss policies and program issues. Prior to the first day of attendance you will be asked to complete enrollment, health and medical consent forms, permission slips, and an enrollment contract, all of which will be kept on file.

Last modified on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017